Retail Design and Branding by PROTECH HOSPITALITY HUB.


PROTECH HOSPITALITY HUB work closely with you and the architect so that your restaurant  design or cafe design is the best that it can be. Retail Interior & Graphic designers have the responsibility of visually interpreting your business to your target market, so that it will appeal to potential customers and keep existing customers coming back.

With so much competition in the marketplace, including many more chain stores and franchised businesses, it is essential that your restaurant, cafe, pub or Take away business has professional, effective branding and marketing, and a great hospitality fitout, so that it stands out from the crowd and people want to spend money because they feel comfortable!

PROTECH HOSPITALITY HUB will make sure that every detail of the restaurant fitout is looked after from the beginning to the end.



PROTECH HOSPITALITY HUB looks after everything, so you don’t have to. Most council documentation and related work is tedious and at best takes a long time. We have clients who have given up dealing with council since the new legislation and commercial laws relating to food premises require an enormous amount of patience and diligence.

We pay close attention to our Commercial Kitchen Designs so all compliance and standards are met so the process runs smoother and quicker.

DA’s (Development Applications), which you need if you change a business from its primary use to a different use i.e a hair dresser wants to become a Cafe, are long winding and should be avoided unless you have a lot of time on your hands, but CDC’S (Compliance Development Certificates) have been introduced only recently and have (in most cases) made the process of getting food premises approved, faster and less stressful.

We welcome the introduction of the CDC as well since it allows our clients to do any upgrades or new cafe fitouts faster and with the knowledge that it complies with all health regulations and council requirements which of course reflects positively on the food outlet and their profits.

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