Does your menu have a number of different cooking techniques? Will you have enough room to put all your commercial equipment?

We can prepare layouts and working drawings for all custom made stainless steel benches, commercial ventilation systems and commercial refrigeration, which you can review and comment on. This allows you to see what you are getting for your money and you have a direct influence over what your commercial kitchen will look like. 

We will recommend suppliers' materials based on practicality and function, capacity, service warranties and price. However if you have a particular selection, we can source any product available in Australia or overseas. 

We pride ourselves on giving attention to the last detail with every commerical kitchen, since we are looking at it from a chefs point of view.  We specialise in Charcoal Exhaust Systems!

Think about your restaurant from the diner’s point of view. What would they expect and demand?

Does your menu have a number of different cooking techniques? This will determine the kind of commercial kitchen equipment you will need.

The size of your commercial kitchen, the layout, the capacity of your cold and dry storage and the kind of commercial kitchen equipment you have, all effect your menu. 

What is the size of your dining room and how many customers can you sit?

Our experienced chef and hospitality specialists will help you design your commercial kitchen with the best layout, paying particular attention to work flow, work space, which commercial kitchen equipment to use and storage facilities. 

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