Hospitality and Shop FitoutsProtech is a trusted Design and construct and Hospitality Fitouts company with many years of experience in a wide range of restaurants, cafes, wine bars, hotels, catering venues and commercial kitchens. We have a passion for providing full turnkey solutions in the quickest time frame possible for designing and building a Hospitality business. This makes Protech Hospitality such a great choice for our customers!

We here at Protech, take the time to listen to you. We want to understand your business and your needs. We work with specialist suppliers and trades so that we can provide you with a clear picture of what suits your budget. Our installation process is meticulously planned and managed by our crew. Most importantly we handle all related trades, from plumbers, electricians, tilers, stainless steel manufacturers and joinery suppliers, to signage contractors. We provide full turnkey Hospitality Fitouts, we handle everything, so you don’t have to!

Protech Hospitality Hub’s approach to shop fitout design and branding is that if we think it won’t work, we’ll tell you so in no uncertain terms. If the site you are looking at is no good, don’t get smooth talked into leasing it by a real estate agent. You could loose a lot of money!


 We provide Turnkey Hospitality Fitout services for your Hospitality Project including Restaurants, Cafes, Commercial Kitchens, Bars/Pubs, Coffee Shops/Espresso Bars, Take Aways, Coffee Shops and Food Courts.

 We specialise in custom made stainless steel benches and food equipment, refrigeration equipment, cool rooms and freezer  rooms.

 We manage all of our trades and we pride ourselves to look after electricians, plumbers, shop front suppliers, joinery manufacturers, fire sprinkler installers, sound equipment and CCTV suppliers as well as many  specialist trades including floor polishers, tilers, vinyl installers, fridge mechanics, stone masons, and many more.

We supply and install Air and Odour Management systems including Electrostatic filters and Ozone generators and specialise in exhaust systems for  wood fire and charcoal applications.

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There is a lot more to it than a good design and a good restaurant fitout.

Start with your menu. It is the epicenter  of your hospitality business. Everything revolves around it: ingredients for your food, the equipment you need to prepare it, the layout of your store, how much space you need to prepare it, how you organise and train your staff, what kind of wines you have, even the name of your restaurant.

If the idea behind the menu isn’t your inspiration, then you must focus on it now and get clarification on what you want to achieve!

You want to remember that your place is a business. If you look at it this way, you will succeed. Being a restaurateur means, being a manufacturer of great food. You produce food from raw materials and sell it to a customer. The way you do this is your blueprint to success. Too many folks these days do not taste their own food and if you don’t know what you’re serving then how can you recommend it to your waiters and customers?

As with any business, the planning stage is crucial. You have to be clear on what kind of business you want to create. Develop your business plan based on what’s special, unique or different about your restaurant.

Do, what we call “opposition research”, go to lots of competitors restaurants to see what they do and what you think makes them attract a lot of customers.

“Clarity is everything!”
What are the strong parts of your business? What are the weak parts that you want to strengthen? I always thought that less is more, especially in food. I still see many places where the menu is so big and unattractive, how to change this and how to keep on top of things, will make or break your venue and we here at Protech, will endeavour to assist in as many ways as we can, so you will be successful!

Hospitality and Commercial Kitchen Fit outs is our passion! – Penny Lane | UTS

Hospitality and Shop Fitouts

Hospitality and Shop Fitouts

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