Generating the right atmosphere for your business

Word of mouth sells. Say what you want about SEO or the latest dietary trends – Uber Eats vs. Foodora? – whatever. The latest buzzword is never going to sell your business or restaurant as well as bona fide word of mouth. So you need to ask yourself, when people talk about your restaurant or bar, what do they mention … Read More

Protech HospitalityGenerating the right atmosphere for your business

Restaurant Design Trends 2018

Differentiating your business is probably the hardest part of opening a new venue, especially in a Market as crowded as Sydney. Many people just starting out make the mistake of trying to over-generalise – this is an easy trap to fall into, as it makes sense on the surface. Why wouldn’t you try and appeal to the broadest demographic possible? … Read More

Protech HospitalityRestaurant Design Trends 2018

Choosing the right microwave for your kitchen

Since its invention in 1945, the microwave oven has become a ubiquitous feature in commercial kitchens around the world. Convenient and effective, microwave ovens use high frequency non-ionizing radiation to transfer energy to water and fat molecules in your food – heating them rapidly. Despite claims to the contary, the CSIRO has found  that microwave ovens are often more effective than … Read More

Protech HospitalityChoosing the right microwave for your kitchen

There is a lot more to it than a good design and a good restaurant fitout.

Start with your menu. It is the epicentre of your hospitality business. Everything revolves around it: ingredients for your food, the equipment you need to prepare it, the layout of your store, how you organise and train your staff, what kind of wines you have, even the name of your restaurant. If the idea behind the menu isn’t your inspiration, … Read More

Protech HospitalityThere is a lot more to it than a good design and a good restaurant fitout.


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Finding Equipment Fitouts For The Hospitality Business

Everyday millions of people walk through malls, halls, cafes, and many other hospitality areas and don’t even realize it. They simply go and patronize them, not knowing that originally, it was just an empty space. If you are looking to start a business, or you have recently acquired an empty space and are in need of an equipment fitout for … Read More

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3 Reasons To Hire A Hospitality Fitout Specialist

Millions of people are starting their own businesses. They are throwing in the towel at their 9 to 5 job and they are going out to strike their own claim on the business world. Among them are people that have ideas for hospitality related fields. The start of a pub, coffee shop, hotel, or even a restaurant is what they … Read More

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Social Media In Hospitality

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram the world of social media is all encompassing and its use can prove lucrative for hospitality businesses.     Whether it be an upmarket fine diner or casual regional cafe, a large portion of the industry is embracing the free marketing tool, however others are yet to jump on the Social Media bandwagon. Cade Smith of Mud … Read More

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