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PROTECH HOSPITALITY HUB is a team of kreativ designers, equipment specialists and fitout and building consultants focussed on delivering knowledge and great service in the quickest time possible! 


Kreativ – Interior design Our in-house design company works with you to develop and design your ideal cafe and restaurant environment. From the initial kitchen and bar floor layout and design concept to documentation and completion, right through to development consent and private certification approval, Kreativ provides you with practical and cost effective turnkey solutions for your restaurant and cafe spaces that will make you succeed in this industry. Visit now Kreativ – Design by Protech

  • Protech Hospitality Fitouts  is a trusted restaurant, cafe and commercial kitchen fitout company with 25 years of hands-on experience in a wide range of restaurants, cafes, wine bars, any kind of food and take away shops, clubs, pubs, hotels and airline kitchens, catering and food service venues. Protech Fitouts works alongside the designers to help achieve the estimated costs and time lines to make sure that you can open your business on time and on budget!
  • We have a passion to provide full turnkey design, equipment and fitout solutions in the quickest time frame possible to build your future in Hospitality!
  • Protech Commercial Kitchens is one of Sydney’s leading Commercial kitchen equipment providers. Crown Commercial Group under the Protech Commercial Kitchens banner will look after your commercial kitchen equipment needs. Please visit our secure online store to see our full range and our specials at  crowncommercialgroup.com.au and protechcommercialkitchens.com.au



         7 compelling REASONS TO CHOOSE PROTECH HOSPITALITY as your service provider:

  1.  On-site visits – We will always meet you onsite at your location,  free of charge! We know that you are busy so let us come to your shop and meet you in person!
  2.  We make the difficult seem easy – Our experienced eye can tell you immediately what is required. DA or CDC (private certifier)? Is the building Heritage listed? What about disabled access? Is it even suitable for a Restaurant or Cafe? Do you need a grease trap? Do you need an Exhaust System? How much will it cost me? We will be able to give you a range of budgets as long as we can visit the site and hear your ideas!
  3.  We have lots of experience – 25 years in Hospitality and well over 350 Hospitality Designs and Fitouts in the last 10 years. Our owner is a chef and has 15 years of hands-on kitchen and bar experience!
  4.  We Design and Construct – there is a big advantage in doing Design, Equipment and Fitouts with one specialist company! It saves you time and money and allows for ongoing adjustments.
  5.  We guarantee our work – As a commitment to you we’ve added 3 months extra warranty (standard 12 months) to any custom made equipment and fixtures. We’re committed to that!
  6.  No Hidden Costs – We pride ourselves in giving you a detailed breakdown of what we are quoting on and we design and build to the budget you have set for yourself!                   
  7.  Testimonials – do not trust us blindly but let our customers speak for themselves. Scroll down for our ‘Success Stories!”

Hi Protech

“I would recommend Protech Hospitality to everyone who’s looking for a hospitality design and fit-out in the future!
Thanks again Oliver and the team at Protech Hospitality!”

From The Good Life Salad Bar



The Beach Shed – Dee Why Beach -The surf club’s boat storage shed

coif house chatswoodHi Protech, We are Very Pleased and Happy with the Quality & Outcome of the Fit-out. We are Glad you have professional trades people working with you and a Big thank you! to D.K. Who was always on top of the work flow from day one. Your company shows Very Good Communication through out the build stage, Well Done!! to the team at Protech (D.K, Cameron, Ignacio, Ravika, Joon and your new crew Jun) Coffee is Free for you guys when You come and visit me at the Store … Make sure you try our single origins! See you guys soon, Warm regards, Cofi House Chatswood

Hi Protech!

Protech is just really professional, we have loved having them around. We have had a huge amount of people asking who did the fit out they love it, have told them Protech and passed your number on . A huge thank you to Oliver as well for being so efficient and great to work with I think you all make a fantastic team. 

Regards Flakey

Tart Kirribilli


    Our qualified chef can make a crucial difference in assisting your
    design; just because it looks great, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s
    making you money! We can do the complete DA process for you!
    We custom design and build your new exhaust system or trouble
    shoot your existing hood.
    (Ventilation systems include AOM Electrostatic and Odour Filtration, all
    built to Australian Standards)
    We manufacture stainless steel benches, sinks, shelving and custom
    designed refrigeration as well as cool rooms and air condition systems.
    Often a change in design can make a huge difference without the
    unnecessary big outlay in cost, so your shop attracts more customers, 
             adding to your bottom line.
           We recommend cost effective equipment which works great, is
    easily cleaned and long lasting and has a great service support
    from the manufacturer, so you avoid costly down time.
           Our trades people and professional sub-contractors allow us to
    manage a large variety of projects from start to finish. We will do
    anything to fulfil your requirements in a smooth and timely
    manner. “We will make it happen for you!”
           We work closely with Equipment and Fitout Finance Specialists who can
    assist in your financing needs, so you don’t overspend on capital
    and at the same time you get the most out of your Tax Dollar.


Most council related work is tedious and at best  takes a long time. I have clients who have given up dealing with council since the new legislation and commercial laws relating to food premises require an enormous amount of patience and diligence. We don’t have that either but we work with people who do.  With a proven track record.

DA’s are self-explanatory but CDC’S (Compliance Development Certificates) have been introduced only recently and have (in some cases) made the process of getting  food premises approved, faster.

We welcome the introduction of the CDC since it allows our clients to do any upgrades or new fitouts faster and with the knowledge that it complies with all health regulations and council requirements which of course reflects positively on the food outlet and their profits.

Please talk to one of our consultants for further information. Ring 1300 368 911

Our warranty for fitouts:

Our promise is COMPLETE SATISFACTION every time you do business with us.To deliver this promise, we insist that all custom made equipment, fittings and labour is supported by a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty (or 24 months if stated), plus 3 month’s extra warranty support from PROTECH as our commitment to you. All equipment and fittings supplied are chosen for their ability to perform for you. We source the best and most cost effective products for the job from all brands and types available to ensure your profitability. Our prices are very competitive and are based on a fixed priced, turn-key solution. We look to build an ongoing relationship by providing value and quality service you can rely on. We build your business!

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