Social Media In Hospitality

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram the world of social media is all encompassing and its use can prove lucrative for hospitality businesses.


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Whether it be an upmarket fine diner or casual regional cafe, a large portion of the industry is embracing the free marketing tool, however others are yet to jump on the Social Media bandwagon.

Cade Smith of Mud Bar Restaurant in Launceston and Jason Lui, the manager at Melbourne’s renowned Flower Drum restaurant spoke to Hospitality about their social media approach.


Smith says the business’s Facebook page receives the most engagement, particularly when posts include an image.

“We find the greatest response to status updates occur when they are visual, so we use photos often.

“We take a simple, fun (and sometimes quirky) approach when posting – our aim is to interest our audience without selling to them. A subtle, subliminal social media presence assists us in remaining a constant in the minds of our customers,” he adds.

On the other hand Twitter and Instagram are Lui’s Social Media platforms of choice. “I believe Twitter is most effective as we have the most followers out of the three platforms that we participate in,” he explains.

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